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The mark of any good product is how it stands up to the ravages of time. We endeavor to combat this force by finishing our products to the highest of specifications. We can offer in house powder coating and wet spray painting ensuring top quality finishes and a timely turnaround.  We work predominately with mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

We work in a number of materials in particularly aluminium and galvanized steel and can powder coat to any standard RAL or BS number. We have the ability to apply a range of additional finishes if required, from plating, anodizing and polishing.

We strongly believe in the finish not only making for an aesthetically pleasing result, but that it serves a valuable part in the life of a product.

Powder coating is applied using an electrostatic gun, imparting a positive electric charge to the powder. This is sprayed onto the object from compressed air, then heated in the oven where the powder melts to give a uniform coating and then cooled to form a hard coating.

The benefits of powder coating; Emits near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), produces a thicker coating without and running or sagging, uses less hazardous waste, smoother finish, special effects, cost effective.