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Good Design. Where it all starts.

Good design is essential and our design teams are expert at turning good ideas into great products. Using the latest CAD packages with Solid Works Premium in 3D, 2D or flat scale, we model our designs in order to achieve the most efficient products available. Working alongside our clients we offer a formal design process from the concept idea to the final manufactured product with full documented revision history.

We build valuable client relationships which aid in translating bespoke design objectives and requirements into exceptional end products that can be manufactured into custom built solutions.

All of our design and manufacturing conforms to our ISO 9001: UKAS Accredited Quality System ensuring quality and tracability throughout. We offer warranties with all of our products.

computer aided design cad solid works testing

As part of the process, designs can be submitted for approval. Our systems test integrity of designs in a virtual scenario.

cad computer aided design solid works testing

Computer aided design goes right through our process from concept to actual in-house manufacture using computer-controlled equipment.

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