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Acoustics. An area of expertise we don’t want to be quiet about

Bespoke design and manufacturing of your acoustic solutions down to the last decibel. We have decades of experience in this area and can boast a level of expertise second to none and pride ourselves in fulfilling the requirements of bespoke systems down to the last decibel. From entire enclosures to single items we can aid design and manufacture to meet the project needs. Our whole range of standard items include;

Enclosures, Weather Louvres, Attenuation, Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Louvres, Wall Lining Panels, Louvre & Panel Doors, Custom Air Conditioning Units, Duct Work, Acoustic Screens, Roof Ventilation Cowls. 

Acoustics. To the initiated this quite simply means noise. In these times of health and safety consciousness, noise in the workplace, or excess noise anywhere for that matter is seen as not just a nuisance, but as as a real health issue, in terms of not just potential damage to ears, but in so many more ways, the general state of calmness of people in close proximity for instance – the stress of excessive noise is a very real contributor to ill health.

Ask how we can improve your acoustics.